SEMrush Expert Consulting

Helping Digital Marketers get the most from their SEMrush subscriptions.

How does this work?

We find that most inquiries fall into two main categories...

SEMrush Specific

Achieving your ROI faster.

  • Professional Training.
  • Project / Reporting Setup.
  • Data Intepretation.
  • API Integrations.
  • Pre-purchase Consulting.


Related Services

Turning data into action.

  • Fixing site audit issues.
  • National & Local SEO.
  • Backlinking & Content.
  • PPC Management.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Fractional CMO Services.

How do we know so much about SEMrush?

Over the last ten years, we've logged thousands of hours in SEMrush software support, we've pitched and sold the software to Fortune 500 companies and we use SEMrush ourselves, each day - for every client. Our insight into the actual mechanics of the entire software suite affords us a level of knowledge that most consultants don't possess. We're fully prepared to help you and your team become more successful and more aligned around this powerful set of Marketing tools.​

Ready to see some ballpark numbers?


Not an affiliate squeeze page. Take a look! The page you're on right now has no outbound links to any SEMrush product. While we participate in their affiliate program, we already know you've done your homework. That's why we don't care about sending cookied traffic. We only care about your success.

Professional Onboarding. We take learning from the best to a whole new level. Our Managed Services initiatives are spearheaded by a former SEMrush Director and creator of their Customer Success Program. You couldn't ask for better credentials!

Management & Strategy. Every subscriber, at any level, should understand that SEMrush is an enterprise-level software with the goal of becoming a fully immersive Digital Marketing platform. But, like most things, you only get back what you put in. We'll help you get the most out of your subscription.

Having an expert third-party manage your account can significantly lessen the learning curve associated with SEMrush’s expansive tool set. By tapping into years of experience in product adoption, you’ll derive value from your subscription immediately.

Typically, small to medium businesses with limited human resources can benefit the most from a Managed Service. If you’re not quite ready to bring your efforts in-house, you can utilize a consultancy to gain a better understanding of how both people and software can be integrated and invaluable to your organization.